Gender-Inclusive, Market-Oriented Extension Models in South and Southeast Asia

Jan 30, 2018 17:00 - 18:00 UTC+06
24 people are attending (14 externals)
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As you may know, last December the DLEC Community of Practice held the Revitalizing Extension for Agricultural Development event. A recurring theme emerged of the need to enable more inclusive extension models, particularly in the South and Southeast Asia regions. As we are all aware, traditional extension systems struggle to fully meet the needs of women farmers; this challenge is exacerbated when there is a market-oriented dimension, as women farmers tend to be less commercial. Many organizations have worked to tackle this challenge, and there is much to learn from each other about what works, what does not, and how we can increase gender inclusivity in our extension (particularly market-oriented) programs.  To that end, we have repurposed the previously scheduled webinar on DLEC's work in Bangladesh to invite a few organizations from the region who are implementing market-oriented extension models and facilitate a discussion on how they are tackling this challenge and what they're learning. The webinar will include:
Kristin Davis, Project Director, DLEC
  • Pranati Mohanraj,  Technical Advisor – Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation, CARE - India
  • Nimish Jhaveri, Chief of Party, Winrock International - Myanmar
  • Sadman Sadek, Country Engagement Coordinator, DLEC - Bangladesh


Date: Tuesday, January 30

Time: Yangon: 17:30 / Dhaka: 17:00 / Dehli:16:30 / Pretoria: 13:00 / Washington, DC: 6:00 
We hope this will be a participatory session and look forward to audience members sharing their experiences.